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<2006-04-11> by Lorenzo



Figure 1: Coincidence

Do you trust coincidences? Do you think they exist or do you belong to the conspiracy party?

Personally, I think that a coincidence is how we call an event we can hardly explain, because we miss the whole picture. In other words, if we don't know the causes, effects are coincidences. I'm not the only one to think that, as defined in the common sense (purely random events, weird enough to be noted), coincidences don't exist. Others give strong arguments supporting this opinion, explaining the law we sometimes miss.

I'm not sure the law is correct (is it a coincidence, too?) but, fearing to fall into the deplorable condition in which you are not even sure of existing, I'm sure a law exist. I have to, otherwise I'd better stop thinking: "cogito ergo sum" or "sum ergo cogito"? This thinking is not a coincidence, you bet.

Today is the day after the political election in my country (Italy). I will not discuss about results: trust me, we have discussed enough.

Today is also the day Bernardo Provenzano has been arrested. He has been fugitive for 42 years: I mean… 42!!! Isn't it the number of months the beast will hold possession over the world? Or the Tao Te Ching's chapter where universe is explained? Or, more simply, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything? Is it a coincidence? Are mafia and politics always incidentally linked?

Well, I think it's at least weird the choice of the day for his arrest: it must have been longly planned… I'll think about it, will you?