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<2008-04-21> by Lorenzo

CVS behind a firewall through an http proxy

If you work in a company with a too restrictive firewall, but you still need to access a CVS repository like Sourceforge, you can bypass it using the program connect.c.

From here:

connect.c is the simple relaying command to make network connection via SOCKS and https proxy. It is mainly intended to be used as proxy command of OpenSSH.

Just download it and compile it (for windows users there is a precompiled connect.exe). Then, if you want to use the SOCKS server socks.local.net to access the internet, add these two lines to your .ssh/config:

Host remote.outside.net
ProxyCommand connect -S socks.local.net %h %p

In my case, I use an http proxy to access the internet, instead of the SOCSK, and I do not want to use connect.exe for internal repositories. Hence, my .ssh/config contains:

Host empy.cvs.sourceforge.net
ProxyCommand connect -H proxy.company.net:80 %h %p