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<2020-12-14> by Lorenzo

gio in cronjob

gio provides a nice API to deal with VFS. I am using it to mount a NAS harddrive to use for backups.

The problem is that using it from cronjobs is not straightfoward. I got the following errors when trying to run gio info and gio mount from a cronjob:

gio: smb://internetbox-nas.local/philips%20ufd/: Operation not supported
gio: smb://internetbox-nas.local/philips%20ufd/: volume doesn’t implement mount

I didn't find the right answer in Google, so I am sharing it here in case someone else is affected.

The culprit is that cronjobs run in a very limited environment, and gio requires some environmental variables to be set. So, just add these to your cronjob:


Adapt the user_id to fit your needs, id -u may be helpful, too.