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<2018-01-04> by Lorenzo

org-based lbolla.info

lbolla.info is now written in Org.

I use org-mode daily for all sorts of tasks:

It was annoying to have to switch to another markdown language for blogging. So, I looked into org-publish for a simple, no-frills way to write .org files and convert them to .html.

My org-publish-project-alist now contains these entries:

 :components ("lbolla.info-html" "lbolla.info-static" "lbolla.info-cv"))
 :base-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/static/"
 :base-extension "png\\|jpg\\|\\|gif\\|gz\\|css"
 :publishing-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/html/"
 :recursive t
 :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)
 :base-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/org/"
 :exclude "\\.*"
 :include ("cv.org")
 :publishing-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/html/"
 :publishing-function org-latex-publish-to-pdf)
 :base-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/org/"
 :publishing-directory "~/src/lbolla.info/html/"
 :recursive t
 :section-numbers nil
 :auto-sitemap t
 :sitemap-format-entry lbolla.info/org-publish-sitemap-format-entry
 :sitemap-function lbolla.info/org-publish-sitemap-function
 :sitemap-sort-files anti-chronologically
 :sitemap-style tree
 :sitemap-title "Sitemap"
 :with-toc nil
 :html-doctype "html5"
 :html-head-include-default-style nil
 :html-head-include-scripts nil
 :html-link-home "<ignored>"
 :html-link-up "<ignored>"
 :html-home/up-format "<div id=\"org-div-home-and-up\"><a accesskey=\"h\" href=\"/\">Home</a> | <a accesskey=\"a\" href=\"/articles\">Articles</a> | <a accesskey=\"c\" href=\"/cv\">CV</a> (<a href=\"/cv.pdf\">pdf</a>)</div>"
 :html-preamble lbolla.info/html-preamble
 :html-postamble nil
 :html-head "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"./css/org.css\" type=\"text/css\">"
 :html-head-extra "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"./css/extra.css\" type=\"text/css\">"
 :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html)

Style is this one: some CSS rules made for org-generated HTML files.

Publication is done simply with rsync.

The only problem so far is that generating a sitemap is very very slow. It turns out that the problem is with Org not caching certain files properties, used when generating the sitemap: you can read more here if interested. A patch is already available in org's repository.