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<2010-07-29> by Lorenzo

Missing Dec_0 and friends from Python Decimal

This fails in py2.4, py2.5.1 and py2.6:

from decimal import Dec_0

But it works in all the other py2.5 subversions!

It seems that exposing Dec_0 (and other similar constants) was considered a bug and "fixed" on Jan 3rd 2009 by renaming it _Dec_0.

Indeed, if I had looked at the source code, I would have seen that Dec_0 was for "internal use only".

From /usr/lib/python2.5/decimal.py:5159

# Reusable defaults
Inf = Decimal('Inf')
negInf = Decimal('-Inf')
NaN = Decimal('NaN')
Dec_0 = Decimal(0)
Dec_p1 = Decimal(1)
Dec_n1 = Decimal(-1)

Those definitions are missing in py2.4 and py2.5.1, and renamed in py2.6.

Damn: never use undocumented features!