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<2013-08-29> by Lorenzo

Connect to MSSQL from Python with ODBC and FreeTDS

This is another of those posts that I wrote because I always forget how to do things…

This time, I don't want to forget how to connect from Python to MSSQL server anymore. In order to do it, you need the following system packages installed:

$> sudo apt-get install unixodbc-dev tdsodbc sqsh

sqsh installs all the required freetds-related libraries; tdsodbc is the FreeTDS driver for ODBC and unixodbc-dev is needed to install pyodbc.

Then install pyodbc using pip or whatever else you like:

$> pip install pyodbc

Finally, the tricky part. You need 3 config files:

Files are available on gist.

Now you can connect using pyodbc using something like this:

CONNECTION = pyodbc.connect(