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<2007-10-15> by Lorenzo

Secure GMail Notifier

As you might have noticed, GMail Notifier uses the url http://mail.google.com/mail to access your personal mailbox. This is quite annoying for who cares about security. Here is a simple hack to make it use the secure url https://mail.google.com/mail. (It works for the Windows version - for the Mac version there is already a solution).

  1. Create a backup copy of gnotifier.exe (usually in c:Program FilesGoogleGmail Notifier);
  2. Open gnotifier.exe with an hex editor (emacs hexl-find-file will do);
  3. Find the string http://mail.google.com/mail and substitute it with https://mail.google.com/mail;
  4. Save the file;
  5. Close any running GMail Notifier and launch it again.

Yes, it is as simple as that.