Flycheck checker for Erlang dialyzer May 9, 2015
Definition of a flyckeck checker for Erlang's dialyzer

EMpy 1.0 is out! Python3 compatible! Apr 26, 2015
EMpy 1.0 is out - Python3 compatible!

Flycheck checker for Flow Nov 19, 2014
Definition of a flyckeck checker for Flow

Autocomplete paver with zsh Sep 14, 2014
How to setup zsh so that it autocompletes paver

Experiments in pickling May 14, 2014
Benchmark cPickle Python's module

Die zombie, die! Jan 23, 2014
Different ways to kill zombies

Long running processes manager Jan 17, 2014
Class to manage long running processes in Python, restarting them when necessary

Overcoming Python's GIL with Cython Dec 23, 2013
How to avoid that Python's GIL kills the performance of multithreaded programs

Tornado Redis chat Dec 2, 2013
Simple chat server implemented with Tornado, Redis and websockets

Connect to MSSQL from Python with ODBC and FreeTDS Aug 28, 2013
Reminder on how to connect to MSSQL servers from Python

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